An indisputable truth from the last 50 years (that also applies to the current SSPX) is that if you compromise with Modernism under the illusion it will not affect you, history has proven that you will gradually falter and become a Modernist, as 99% of former Catholics Post-VC II.

From time to time traditional Catholics have to explain why they do not take part in, or have anything to do with, the Conciliar church. This series is designed to help traditionalists with just such a needed explanation: to avoid compromising their religious principles, plus keep peace in the family and with friends. It’s recommended that the explanation be put in writing to avoid spur-of-the-moment, unpleasant defensive reactions. Feel free to use some or all that is suggested here to help in writing that letter you need to send.

First in the series of fictitious situations

Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s oldest son Ray has a new job in an eastern city. He has no car, and to help with expenses Ray will be able to stay with his Aunt Mary, a conservative Catholic who attends the indult Mass on Sunday. The traditional (non-indult) Mass is an hour away and not accessible except by car. The Smith family, including Ray, is unwilling to compromise their traditional principles by his attending an indult Mass. What follows is the necessary letter to explain why attending the indult is not possible if Ray stays with his Aunt Mary.

Dear Mary,

It was so generous of you to invite Ray to stay with you when he starts his new job in September. Ray was delighted and we all thank you very much.

As you know, we are traditional Catholics and only attend the Tridentine Mass. Our informed consciences will not allow us to attend the indult for the following reasons:

  1. When you attend the indult Mass, it is implied that you accept the new Mass and Vatican II, because it is allowed only under those conditions.
  2. It is reasonable to assume the priest offering the Mass does not love and respect the Tridentine Mass and says it only because he is ordered to do so.
  3. The church one visits to attend an indult is usually stripped of traditional furnishings: proper altar, Communion rail, kneelers, Corpus from the cross, Stations of the Cross, making a protestant feel right at home and diminishing the religious fervor of a Catholic.
  4. By attending the indult in a Modernist church you give bad example to those who try to avoid the Conciliar church.
  5. When you attend the indult, you get a Faith-destroying sermon. Who can believe a priest trained in Modernist schools and seminary for his whole life would give a Faith-strengthening sermon? Not a chance. Which puts your Faith in jeopardy.
  6. By attending a parish with the indult, you “confess” face-to-face, reconciliation-style, with a Modernist priest who may doubt there is such a thing as sin.
  7. Any money contributed would all go to help the new Conciliar faith.
  8. At an indult, I fear that Ray would associate with young women with a Modernist mindset which would cause big problems if things got serious in the future. Putting his Faith in jeopardy.

I hope the above reasons for not attending the indult will help you reconsider your attendance, thus allowing Ray to accept your generous offer to stay with you.

Please advise of your decision as soon as possible.

You can be assured of our daily prayers for you and your family.

We hope to see you soon.

Frank and Molly