Catholic Candle note: The article below was written by a man who has always been Traditional Catholic and who has been continually fighting liberalism since before Vatican II.

For those who have acquaintances especially prone to compromises, consider copying and distributing this article to them.


Little compromises may not worry you, but they are the devil’s most effective tool to erode your faith and thus destroy your soul.  The little compromise is a personal “white flag” of surrender in your resolve to keep strong your faith, without which there is no salvation.  This is gradualism at work.

The dictionary defines compromise as: “to come to agreement by concession; to make a shameful or disreputable concession.”  Those small compromises that I’ve witnessed over the years are falsely accepted by weak-willed traditionalists, as the only answer to most religious problems.  After the first little compromise, bigger ones are easily accepted, and are sure to follow, because they lend credence to the first one.

What tempts a person to start taking the small (eventually fatal) steps of compromise that inevitably lead to the loss of faith?  There are many, but I will mention a few:

  1. to avoid ridicule;
  2. to avoid estranging friends and family;
  3. to avoid being considered radical;
  4. to avoid friction with a religious son or daughter in a liberal “traditional” community;
  5. to avoid losing convenient access to the sacraments; and
  6. to avoid discovering a truth which would disturb one’s conscience.

After many little and big compromises, one’s informed conscience is non-existent, and faith is lost without remorse.

Bishop Fellay has counted on his followers accepting the little compromises he has been promoting over the years.  He has skillfully avoided being exposed for his effort to liberalize the SSPX.  He has been at it for many years, hiding his true intentions by using deceptive phrases like “always fighting for Catholic tradition,” and for sure, attaching the SSPX founder's name, Archbishop Lefebvre, to cover his real intentions.

He has been patient and is working hard to avoid defections—which Rome will not tolerate since they wish to avoid a strong traditional voice against them.

Bishop Fellay understood it would take time and technique to turn around the traditional goals of battleship SSPX Lefebvre.  The first command was full stop for the engines fighting liberalism, then a left rudder to modernism, and finally full speed ahead for acceptance by Masonic Rome.  This hijacked battleship was renamed the N-SSPX Fellay and commissioned to fight against traditionalism.

The day has come when every family has to make the soul-saving decision to avoid the sinking ship of little compromises.  For all those compromisers out there on the deck of the battleship N-SSPX Fellay who mistakenly believe they are heading for the safe harbor of salvation, better jump ship and climb aboard the Good Ship Real Resistance before it is too late and you run aground in the polluted waters of Rome's harbor of lost souls.