Catholic Candle note: The article below was written by a man who has always been Traditional Catholic and who has been continually fighting liberalism since before Vatican II.

For those who have acquaintances who would especially benefit from his experience raising children successfully, consider copying and distributing this article to them.

Ihave been a traditional Catholic for my whole life, raised a family of all traditional Catholics, including grandchildren. I’m afraid most who read this article will think what I say here is over the top and unrealistic. But that means they have fallen prey and accepted most, if not all, of the devil’s politically-correct seduction of souls. I will list the points the devil uses to seduce parents into taking the easy and popular road to failure in raising a family.
Take courage, parents, and read the whole article with an open mind. Your conscience may bother you until you follow through on what you read here.
Let’s start by setting the rules. Parents are in charge over all the children until they are on their own and leave the nest. Parents were once children; they matured and became wise over the years and were given children by God to raise and to be happy with Him in heaven. This is a grave responsibility, for which they will be judged after death. (As grandparents, you have a secondary responsibility as to how your grandchildren are raised.)
Children love and need strict discipline, which includes a spanking when appropriate. A child is lost and unhappy if he never knows where the parents stand on the rules of the home from one day to the next. These rules must be explained in terms the children clearly understand. This calls for regular family meetings—with all present—to explain why the rules are necessary.
Family meetings begin when children are young. The first thing said by the father at each of the family’s frequent meetings is: “To save your soul in this pagan world you will all have to be different from most other children you know.”
The parents set the rules and explain them and the need for them. The children can ask questions but they must all agree to abide by the rules. A good understanding of why the rules are necessary is half the battle for their acceptance and compliance.
It goes without saying that to be successful, training and discipline must start early, when the child is only months-old. Don’t try to start at age six. I guess it’s possible, but very, very difficult. If acceptance is a problem, your family meeting program probably started too late.
Now let’s list the points to be discussed in your family meetings. All points listed below I have personally tested and proved that they definitely work. Be advised that society (including Catholics) has abandoned truth and morals, and half measures will not cut it.
  1. Gradualism—A gradual change in anything is more likely to be accepted.

    A family rule enforced only some of the time is no rule at all and puts in jeopardy all other rules.

    Example: The length of your daughter’s dress or skirt is a prime topic for a family meeting. The family rule is a minimum of 1” (25.4mm) below the knee when seated. If not strictly enforced every day—no exceptions—you will be surprised one day when 2” (50.8mm) above the knee is accepted as normal by your daughter. And so on.

  2. Bad music is a major tool of the devil’s conquest. Obscene music’s language, rhythm and suggestive dancing no doubt has corrupted the majority of today’s youth. Such music and dance are never allowed. No exceptions.

  3. Tattoos are sins against the 5th Commandment and send a signal to others: “I’m willing to do what it takes to fit in or to have a ‘wild’ time and live a life without restraints.”

  4. “Dressing down”—This means rebelling against conformity to the high standards of dress and etiquette. One acts much in accord with the way he or she dresses. If you wear jeans to school or church, it will affect your behavior and effort level. Some schools have finally realized this and now require a shirt and tie with dress slacks for the boys, and proper dresses or uniforms for the girls.

  5. Video games and movies—They establish suggestive immoral pictures in your mind that the devil uses to convince you to build upon in your life, with the idea “Why not? Everybody does it”. More souls go to hell by sins of impurity than any other, as our Blessed Mother at Fatima warns us.

  6. Piercing (nose, eyebrows, lips, etc.), like tattoos, sends the same message of willing to live a life without restraints.

  7. It is important to realize that high school graduates do not have the intellect, wisdom, or experience to select the correct college for their success in life and their salvation. That is the job of the parents.
  8. Home chores—All should work around the home, starting at an early age, until they leave and are on their own.

  9. Employment—Work outside the home to help cover some of their expenses, plus saving for future education, is a must.

  10. Use of the family car—On a restricted basis to fulfill family needs. Personal use under supervision. The parents set the time children must be home, whether using the family car or not.

  11. Overall effort and results—All are expected to work hard and achieve the highest results according to their ability.

  12. Good manners, good attitude, good behavior—Wholesome recreation and living their Catholic Faith are necessary to attain the highest goals the family always strives for. High goals can only be achieved if they are set high.

  13. Respect for others, especially male for female—Misunderstandings within the family are settled by Judge Mother or Judge Father.

  14. Females in the family dress like modest women, never like males (e.g., in pants). Today’s politically-correct Feminist movements’ propaganda of any kind is rejected and not allowed.

  15. Children’s friends will be approved by the parents. (To avoid obvious problems.)

  16. Family Meals—All will attend and on time, eat what is served without complaint, and with the best of manners and language.

  17. Children never ever talk back to parents—Infractions punished appropriately. The sin of bad example must be avoided like the plague.

  18. Family Rosary—A must every day with a set schedule, all attending.

  19. Rules Established for Dating and Marriage—(With a view to avoiding a mixed marriage or worse):

  1. No dating before an appropriate age
  2. Date only traditional Catholics, with the caveat that others would be unwelcome at home. (A mixed marriage is a risk too great.)
  3. If engaged or married to a Novus Ordo or non-traditional Catholic, family will have nothing to do with your choice. (A mixed marriage is a risk too great.)
There are so many other points that should be covered, but by analyzing the proven plans, principles and scope of the above, I’m sure you can answer those questions with no trouble.
May God bless your efforts! Your success will avoid so many big problems, plus you will have great peace of mind!