I believe most thinking people know that everyone should recognize Christ as King because of what He has done for all of us. That’s true as far as it goes. But without Him as King and governing with laws controlling all aspects of our lives, our “ship of state” is rudderless and helpless in the sea of evil enveloping the world we live in. This is obvious because the Catholic Church always has—and does even today—set the moral standards, as poor and as weak as the hierarchy makes them now.

Standards so weak, anyone can live by them without effort. It’s called modernism and situation ethics. This thinking is based on the hierarchy teaching that everyone goes to heaven now. There is no accountability for how people live. Why be good and do what is right when you will get the prize (heaven) anyway, no matter what you do?

So where is the incentive to live a moral, devout life, to build a peaceful and just world that an informed conscience tells us we must have?

Without Christ the King’s moral code to live by, and His governance, there will be no peace or justice but only oppressive, evil civil rule. Think atheistic Russia and the KGB.

We need Christ the King and a traditional Catholic Church that strongly promotes Him, for the world to survive with peace and justice. The outlook to achieve this goal is impossible based on our nation’s founding fathers’ Masonic and Protestant laws separating Church and State.